Dabney Cosby to Arthur S. Brockenbrough

Dear sir

I am inform’d that last years contracts for Brickwork was 10 & 16$, and the workmen Obtaind sand of recieveable Quality from the Brickyard to do much of their work; But there was no more to be obtaind at that place, or any other nearer than Moores Creek, where it is likely all that will be used this year must come from, this in addition to the perilous situation in which your advertisement places an undertaker who has any responsiblity induces me to believe you will agree the price before named will be low for this year.

If therefore my character as a man, and workman, should meet your approbation, I should be willing to take the same price this year for, from, 2 to 500.000 and If it be advisable to add another 100.000 I will take the trouble to procure as good a Brickmaker from the north as can be had to aid me.

As regards openings I am willing to deduct 50Ct.

I will further add, should it be deemed advisable to proceed to the erection of the pantheon this season, and I should be consider’d trustworthy It would be a scource of much pride and gratification to me, to see it executed in a stile, which for neatness and strength, should equal it in importance, and granduer of design.

I am very Respectfully yrs. &C

Dabney Cosby
NB. Be so good as to let me know my fate as soon as practicable.
D. C.
RC (ViU: PP); addressed: “A. S. Brockenborough Esqr P. U.V. Present”; endorsed by Brockenbrough: “Cosby D Brick maker & Layer prices as last year.”
Dabney Cosby
Arthur S. Brockenbrough
Date Range
March 31, 1821