Agreement Between Curtis Carter and John M. Perry

University of Virginia 4th Jany 1821 I have this day sold to Jno Perry all the bricks belonging to me at the place abovementioned likewise the house and Stable with all the oats I have on hand for the Sum of five hundred and twenty five dollars the Said Perry is to finish the work that is began by Sd Carter and Receve the Same price for wahat he dose as the Said Carter is to have for the work done by him and Said Perey is have the above mentioned finnished in a nise and work manlike manner and have the work finnished as Soon as the Season will permit him to doo the Same and the Said Perry a Grees to paiy the Said Carter for the bricks and houses a bove mentioned the Sum of five hundred and[. . .] twenty five dollars on or the first day of June next by a draft for that Sum on the procter which he the Said Perry warrants accepted on sight witness our hands & saals as above

Curtis Carter {Seal}
John M Perry {Seal}
RC (ViU: PP); in Carter’s hand; endorsed by A. S Brockenbrough: “Carter & Perrys } contract”, and by Carter: “an agreement between Carter & Perry.”
Curtis Carter
John M. Perry
Arthur S. Brockenbrough
Date Range
January 4, 1821