Charles Everette to Arthur S. Brockenbrough

Dr Sir

Your Note by Mr Basset was handed to me—I wish it was in my power to let you have the corn you want—I would do so cheerfully as I am as anxious as any one can be to pay at least a part of my subscription to the University—I subscribed at a Time when my funds (from the then existing prices of our crops) were ample I subscribed also very largely from for one who has so little to expect from such an establishment—it has not since been in my power to make advances to meet as I wish’d my debts of necessity

I last year made but little corn not half enough & am now [. . .] using my wheat to save it—I made a good crop of wheat, which [. . .] weighs les to the bushel—I have sent to McGruders mill a part for which I expect to obtain 3/—I will deliver for you 200 Bushels at Jeffersons mill at the same price—this will pay 100$ of my subscription which I should be glad to do & if I have any thing to spare now or in the Spring on my Farm I would be glad you would [. . .] receive it—as I have now no other means shortly within my power to pay my subscription I think my Farm will sell Hay & if I do not eat my wheat—more of that or [. . .] something else can be sold in the Spring—I hope my heath is getting bitter—tho it is as yet very feeble—I shall stay here only a few days & return to Mr Divers untill I shall be able to go to Richmond

respectfuly yr ob st
Chs Everette

NB. I will deliver the wheat as soon as the roads will permit if you choose to take it—

RC (ViU: PP); addressed: “Mr A. S Brokenbrough University”; endorsed by Brockenbrough: “Evrette C. Jan: 1 ’21”; with additional postscript by Everette on address cover: “Mr B will send me an answer soon as I wish to make some arrangment with the wheat.”
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Charles Everette
Arthur S. Brockenbrough
Date Range
January 1, 1821