Thomas Jefferson Randolph to Richard Anderson

Dear sir

A requisition was made on me by your board some short time since to pay on the 5th of July next $2000 of the debt which I owe to your bank on acct of my fathers and grand fathers estates. In consequence of the bonds for the sale of the property falling due on the first of January next and the great advances which I have been compelled to make on acct of the “Jefferson Manuscripts1 now in the press & three fourths completed. I must beg a delay of six months when I feel much confidence in being able to pay double the amount and giving at the same time satisfactory evidence of the means and time of paying the residue—there will be to be paid in some short time a balance of seven hundred dollars on acct of bonds already deposited, on which a delivery bond was forfeited in may. I do not know that the money will be recieved as early as the 5 of July but some short time after, this will when at hand of course be paid into bank. I must beg that it may suffice for the present. particularly as I only ask the delay to2 collect together the means of relievin discharging the debt and from relieving myself from that which I am more anxious to discharge than the bank can be to coerce

Th: J Randolph

[In an unknown hand:] T W. Warwick stated to the board, that in a conversation with Mr Randolph, that he stated that it was probable, that he would in the course of the ensuing fall, he would deposite bonds sufficient to cover the amount of the debts to the Bank, and that any funds which may [. . .] Come to his hands from Sales of the books now in the press, will be applied towards the payment of the Claims against the estate—without waiting for the collection of the Banks—

The board agreed for the reasons stated, to suspend the Cult curtailment—

RC (PHi: Simon Gratz Autograph Collection); addressed: “The President of the board of Directors.”

The jefferson manuscripts, a selection of Thomas Jefferson’s papers, transcribed and edited by Randolph and other Jefferson family members, were published in a four-volume set as Memoir, Correspondence, and Miscellanies from the papers of Thomas Jefferson in 1829.

1Omitted closing quotes editorially supplied.
2Manuscript: “to to.”
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