Sarah N. Randolph to Robert Coulton Davis

Dear Mr Davis,

Your letter of the 3d was received to-day and I hasten to write and thank you for sending me the enclosed slips containing a copy of my great-grandmothers letter. I am afraid from Mrs Smith’s letter that neither “love nor money” could ever get the original from her for you. There is just a bare possibility that some note or letter of hers may be in some papers that I own but have not had for six or seven years—At present they are in Baltimore, but will be sent to me this fall. I do not think there is much chance of finding anything from Mrs J’s pen among those papers, though I forgot them when I wrote to you last—I will remember your request when I look through them this fall—

Very respectfully yours
Sarah N. Randolph
RC (PHi: Simon Gratz Autograph Collection).
Sarah N. Randolph
Robert Coulton Davis
Date Range
September 5, 1877