Thomas Mann Randolph (1741–93) to Thomas Mann Randolph and William Randolph

My dear Boys.

This day your mother and myself recd your letters from London dated augt 1st & 2d and it was with great pleasure we heard of your safe Arrival in England, and that you are in good health, and God grant our letters may find you so—I hope you will, as well as myself, always with gratitude remember good Capt Dansers polite, and Friendly treatment to you, This letter will go to Glasgow, accompanyed by your Mothers and Sisters letters. to the Care of my old Friend Mr McCaul their, And I do anxiously wish to hear of your being in Edinburg, established at the College and with Mr Elders advice placed in the proper classes,—You both my dear Boys, very well know your Parents great anxiety for your Welfare, and that a good Education with good Morals, is the summum bonum of all earthly things, and without the full possession of both, you cannot expect to be so happy in this life, you are now of a proper age to judge for yourselves, and should you wantonly neglect the good opportunity you now have of attaining those desirable ends, unhappyness must ensue to us. to yourselves, and to all your relations that regard your Welfare, I hope to hear by Mr Elders next letter that your Conduct was proper when in London and that the Numerous Amusements which you met with their will be forgoten by you, when you get to School, I also commend your taste in dress when in London, but in future at least for some years to come, you must make economy and frugality your Study in that Article, but not to approach a degree of meanness. Foppishness I hope you will [. . .] detest, Gaming, drinking, and swearing are Vices to well known to you, to make my[. . .] advise necessary.

You may expect to have letters from us by every Opportunity, and we shall expect the same from you

Dear Boys

Your aff. Father
Thomas M. Randolph
RC (ViU: ER); addressed: “Mr Thos Mann & Wm Randolph at College in Edinburg.”
Date Range
October 10, 1784