Promissory Note from Sydney R. Pellet and Ira Pellet for Purchase of Moses Gillette from Executors of Thomas Jefferson’s Estate


On or before the first day of January 1830. We [. . .] Sydney R Pellet & Ira Pellet of Albemarle county, Virginia, promise to pay or cause to be paid unto THOMAS J. RANDOLPH, Executor of Thomas Jefferson, dec. his heirs or assigns, the just and full sum of Five hundred and forty five dollars with interest thereon from the sale hereof current money of Virginia, for value received; to which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves jointly and severally, our and each of our joint and several heirs, &c. in the penal sum of one thousand & ninety dollars like money. As witness our hands and seals this first day of January 1829.

Sy[. . .]
Alex Garrett
Printed form (ViCMRL); with blanks filled in by Alexander Garrett, Albemarle County Superior Court Clerk and coexecutor with Thomas Jefferson Randolph, rendered in italics above; signed by Garrett; with signature of Sydney R. Pellet and probably Ira Pellet torn away at lower right corner to indicate cancellation of note and settlement of debt; with signed notes by Randolph on verso: “If the principal of the within bond is punctually paid the interest will be remitted” and “[. . .] 203.05 paid [Feby?] 1 1829 [. . .] Received payment”; additional docket by Randolph: “
} Pellet & Pellet
To Bond

moses gillette is identified as the slave herein purchased, appearing as “Moses (Cooper)” in Account of Sale of Slaves from Thomas Jefferson’s Estate, 1 Jan. 1829.

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Alexander Garrett
Sydney R. Pellet
Ira Pellet
Date Range
January 1, 1829