Thomas Jefferson Randolph, as Executor of Thomas Jefferson’s Will, Manumits Critty Hemings Bowles

Know all men by these presents, that I Thomas J. Randolph of the County of Albemarle, in the state of Virginia, and executor of the last will and testament of Thomas Jefferson deceased, for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty dollars, to me in hand paid by Francis Eppes, the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged, have manumitted, emancipated and set free, and by these presents, do manumit, emancipate and set free, a negro woman slave named Critty, some times called Critty Bowles, the wife of Zachariah Bowles a free man of colour, residing in the said County of Albemarle and State aforesaid: And I hereby declare her, the said Critty, to be entirely liberated from slavery, and entitled to all the rights and privileges of a free person with which it is in my power to vest her—In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this 20th day of January 1827.

Th: J. Randolph {seal}

At a Court held for Albemarle County 7th day of September 1835

This Indenture of Emancipation was this day presented in open Court & acknowledged by Th: J. Randolph & ordered to be recorded

Ira Garrett C.C.
Nike KD 11
Date Range
January 20, 1827
(ViCAlbCDB) Albemarle Co. Deed Book