Extract from Mary B. Randolph to Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge

Extract of a letter from my niece1 Mary B. Randolph. 30. June. 1858

“There has been a serious proposition made by the Governor of the State to my father (Col. T. J. Randolph) to have his Grandfather’s remains removed to Richmond, to be placed in the Hollywood Cemetery, where Mr Monroe’s are to be interred, and where Mr Wise proposes that Mr Madison, Mr Jefferson and Gen. Washington should be carried and all placed in one grand Mausoleum. The idea is as repugnant to my father’s feelings as it will no doubt be to those of all the family. He sent Mr Wise a verbal refusal by Telegraph to-day and I enclose you a copy of the letter he wrote in answer to the gentleman through whom the proposition came.

There is to be a procession to the tomb at Monticello on the Fourth of July, composed of the military companies from several of the towns, and of our citizens generally. We hear that a proposal is to be made to renew the tomb and protect it in some suitable manner. Of course my father will agree to this. He has by his grandfather’s own hand the copy of a handsome cenotaph of St. Remi which would inclose the four graves. We hope they may adopt it if any such thing is carried out.

Tr (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence, Letterbook); in the hand of Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge.
1Added subsequently in an unidentified hand.
Date Range
June 30, 1858