Bridget Hawkins Roper-Curzon to Martha Jefferson (Randolph)

I am sensible my Dr Jefferson does not think it a trouble to oblige a friend therefore trust she will excuse [. . .] ye liberty I am going to take in requesting she will execute ye following commissions for me: will you send for Mlle Bertrand & enquire what skins are ye most in fashion for Pelises, (I mean to except Sable & Ermine), & how much she will make me one for with a Muff to suit it. I should like a pale Pink satin trimm’d with either white, or red Foxes skin, will you ask her which she would recommend. I likewise want a piece of Edging something like ye pattern with regard to fineness, but would first wish to know if it wou’d answer to [. . .] buy it in France. let me know how much pr yard she would give for some like it. tell her, I will order any money I may in future owe her to be pd into any Bankers hands she thinks proper to name. & do Jeff send me Sagidien’s bill, the man wou’d most undoubtedly arrest me shou’d I appear in Paris. Are you as fond of Paints as ever? At least let me send you something from England that I may beg you to send me some Books. You once talked of sending me D’Estelle. when is it to make its appearance? & an Almanack, in the name of heaven don’t forget the latter. Now let me know what I can send you, whatever you may mention, you shall have & I will add nick nacks so as to make a great box full. I know your fondness. Have you any singular ribbands ? if you have send them me, nothing one wishes for so much, as to have things different from other people. Adieu, my dear girl, this is a letter of business, my next shall be full of news. Do answer me immediately, you retablir la paix entre nousj’ai fais oper d’avanee c’est à vous les seconder. Scold Botidoux well for me, she has caught ye distemper & is lazier than any of us—I resume my pen Dr Jeff to beg you will tell me all the ye news. Poor Peroutt is dead I find. Tell me if Mon Dragon’s family is increased? & if you have petite soupis? &etc as in De Rosee time? Have you seen or heard of Liniers? Who is you friend in the classes? Shall I send you some of my hair according to my promise? If you still read novels do let me send you Features from Life, or a Summers visit, it is remarkably well written & not very heroical, perfectly decent, & extremely sentimental & has more effect on ye feelings than any book I have ever met with. You will let me know ye price of the cloak &etc before you bespeak them. A married woman you know must be economical.

Tr (ViU: ER); undated; in an unidentified hand, with possible transcription errors.
Bridget Hawkins Roper-Curzon
Date Range
December 31, 1789