Bridget Hawkins Roper-Curzon to Martha Jefferson (Randolph)

I will not give you an opportunity of retaliating upon me, my Dear Jefferson and therefore answer your polite letter immediately—you again express a wish to execute my little commissions, if you will be—rather more punctual, I will trouble to give the enclosed to Mde Devillier, as I imagine her neice to be far distant from you at present, Mde De V. will I dare say will forward it, to La Gaudeloupe for me—Mde De Sainte tells me in her last letter, that she is netting me some Purses—will you likewise send them to me. & pray my dear Jefferson do write to me always in French, your letters in that language please me even more, than those in English—I am happy to hear the long desired event, is soon to take place. If you answer this scrawl directly, mon address est Nash Court, near Faversham, Kent.—You will excuse the shortness and stupidity of my letter, but I wished to send Bellecour’s this Post & wou’d not presume directing it to you, sans vous en prevenir. Let me know if any good books have are come out; & such as you can reccommend—I have not met with a good French book for this age, those in England are in general most egredious nonsense—I will answer your next as it deserves, my letter is I own, uncommonly cool. I did not think I had so much malice in my composition, but we are all liable to be mistaken Jeff! my best love to all my friends at Panthemont. I will write to Mdes de Crofton, de Sainte & Dashwood next Post—

TR (ViU: ER); undated; in an unidentified hand; with possible transcription errors.
Date Range
January 1, 1789 to December 31, 1789