Caroline Tufton (Barham) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph)

My dear Miss Jefferson

I am very much obliged to you for the ring, which I shall value for your sake and I never will part with it. I am much hurt not to see you once more before we go, but Mr Jefferson likewise told the Duke it was better not, so we must submit: the waiscoat with the enclosed note is from the Duke, he hopes you will wear it et pensez quelque fois a lui, he is quite sorry at the idea of never being itered again by you. I must again repeat all our entreaties to hear from you often, as we shall have always a most sincere regard for you, which neither time or absence can diminish. Tom dined with us to day he seemed seems quite in despair that he shall now never see you—Mr Stone intends calling upon you before he goes. Adieu, I shall always remain my dearest Miss Jefferson, your most

Affectionate friend
C. T.

I hope you will let me hear from you as it will give me sincere pleasure & I am sure you will have time enough to write to us both Adieu—pray do not forget to write before Thursday—

Our address is—

at the Earl of Thanet’s

Grosvernor Square


Tr (ViU: ER); in an unknown hand; partially dated between signature and postscript.

et pensez quelque fois a lui: “and think of him sometimes.”

Caroline Tufton Barham
Date Range
December 31, 1789