Extract from Daniel Webster’s Account of a Visit to Monticello

His conversation is easy & natural & apparently not ambitious–it is not loud, as challenging general attention, but usually address to the person next to him–The topick, when not selected with regard to the character & feelings of his auditors, are those subjects with which his mind seems particularly occupied. And these at present may be justly said to be–first science & letters & especially the University of Virginia ... When we were with him, his favorite literary subjects were Greek & Anglo Saxon & secondly historical recollections of the times of the Revolution & of his residence in France from 1783 to 89.

MS (ViU: Mss 5205); with date corrected based on TJ’s notation of Webster’s visit in his Summary Journal of Letters (DLC).
Daniel Webster
Date Range
December 14, 1824 to December 19, 1824
Quotes by and about Thomas Jefferson