Caroline Tufton (Barham) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph), with Postscripts by Elizabeth Tufton and John Frederick Sackville

My dear Miss Jefferson

We arrived here to day between two and three, and expect to sail at twelve ’clock at night, so we shall get to London tomorrow, where I intend writing you a long letter; I hope to hear from you by the next Courier, as that will give me some consolation now we cannot meet; we regret you if possible more than ever, it is really quite dreadful to think you will never iter us again. We have been bored to death with the Derings ever since we have been here. Charlotte has been talking about you a great deal, she asked me whether you liked her and if you thought her pretty, et une jolie tourneuse, I said you had taken a great passion for her and that she was the most charming girl you ever knew, she was so much pleased with this, (thinking tous ce que je disais de bonne foi), that she desires her love to you and says you are the most interessante person1 she ever saw, she desired like wise to be remembered to her dear friend Botidoux, when you see her, do not forget mille [. . .] amities de notre part. I have not time to write any more, so Adieu, Elizabeth joins with me in love to you. Believe me my dearest Miss Jefferson

Most affectionately yrs
C Tufton

P.S. Iter woman is quite bored with your friend Miss Charlotte—when you see Mr Stone, pray tell him if he does not call upon her when he comes here she will never forgive him, if he — — her crayons, she will draw her own picture for him when he comes back—Adieu my dear Miss Jefferson believe me

ever yrs affectly
E. T.

I take it very ill that neither Elizabeth nor Caroline have said a word for me, but I excuse them, since they have left me room upon the paper to assure you a jamais de tous les sentiments sentimens, que je vois vous ai voué par la vie

Tr (ViU: ER); partially dated; in an unidentified hand.

et une jolie tourneuse: “and a pretty dancer.”

tous ce que je disais de bonne foi: “all that I said in good faith.”

mille amities de notre part: “a thousand regards from us.”

a jamais ... par la vie: “all the love I have vowed to you for life.”

1Manuscript: “peson.”
Caroline Tufton Barham
Elizabeth Tufton
John Frederick Sackville
Date Range
August 9, 1789