Formation of the 8th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, with Major John Wayles [Hemings] Jefferson

Eighth Regiment:—The companies of this regiment are now full, and are lettered as follows. The field officers and company officers deserve credit for the soldierly and orderly behaviour of the men, and they for the attention and promptness with which they attend to their duties. The field and company officers are proud of the men, and they have ample reason, for a stouter and more spirited regiment never formed into line. From what we hear the men say, the officers, from the Colonel down, are very efficient and popular. In any events that they may enter, no matter how desperate, their flags and the live eagle of the Eau Claire Badgers will never be lowered and bowed down until all is done that resolute and unyielding men can do.

Colonel—R. C. Murphy. Surgeon—S. P. Thornhill
Lt. Colonel—G. W. Robbins. 1st Assistant—W. Hobbins.
Major—J. W. Jefferson 2ddo.J. E. Murta.
Acting Adju’t—Capt. Bryant Chaplain—W. McKinley.
Quartermaster—F L. Billings.

A—Waupacca Union Rifles, Capt. J. B. Redfield.

B—Sheb[o]ygan Count Independents, Capt. D. B. Conger.

C—Eau Claire Eagles, Capt. J. E. Perkins.

D—Fox Lake Rifles, Capt. Dawes.

E—Dane County Rough and Ready Guards, Capt. Young

F—[C]rawford County Volunteers, Capt. J. H. Greene.

G—Janesville Fire Zouaves, Capt. Britton.

H—Dane County Sugar River Rifles, Capt. Estee.

I—La Crosse County Rifles, Capt. M. M. Baker.

K—Racine County Volunteers, Capt. W. P. Lyon.

Published in the Madison Wisconsin Patriot, 28 Sept. 1861.
Date Range
September 28, 1861