Extract from Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Henry S. Randall

I remember the planting of the first hyacinths and tulips, and their subsequent growth. The roots arrived, labelled each one with a fancy name. There was Marcus Aurelius and the King of the Gold Mine, the Roman Empress, and the Queen of the Amazons ... Then, when spring returned, how eagerly we watched the first appearance of the shoots above ground ... what joy it was for one of us to discover the tender green breaking through the mould, and to run to grandpapa to announce, that we really believed Marcus Aurelius was coming up, or the Queen of the Amazons was above ground!

Tr in Letterbook (ViU: Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge Correspondence). Published in Henry S. Randall, Life of Thomas Jefferson (New York, 1858), 3:346–49.
Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge
Henry S. Randall
Date Range
January 1, 1856 to December 31, 1858
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