Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush

I am become sensible of a great advantage your profession has over most others, that, to the close of your life, you can be always doing good to mankind: whereas a retired politician is like a broken down courser, unfit for the turf, and good for little else. I am endeavoring to recover the little I once knew of farming, gardening Etc. and would gladly now exchange any branch of science I possess for the knolege of a common farmer. too old to learn, I must be contented with the occupation & amusement of the art. already it keeps me so much without doors that I have little time to read, & still less to write.

RC (DLC: Benjamin Rush Collection). Published in PTJRS, 1:558–9.
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Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Rush
Date Range
September 22, 1809
Quotes by and about Thomas Jefferson