Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Martha Jefferson Randolph

If you have not received Joseph’s letter my dearest mother, you will be very much surprised to know that I am within forty miles of you, scarcely not more so than I am myself, however for I can scarcely realize that I am in Baltimore. We left Boston Tuesday morning and although my coming had been talked of the Saturday before it was not decided upon until monday night. my clothes tag rag & bob tail were packed after ten o’clock and here I am, accompanied by my little Ellen (thin sallow & looking like a witch but full of joy & hope at the prospect of being with Cousin Marsa,) and, eheu! by Susan Coolidge; her coming however was the means of bringing me. to-morrow afternoon or evening my own dearest mother I shall once more embrace you with the prospect of passing three weeks with you and my dear sisters. I am afraid you will be troubled to accommodate three persons in addition to your large family but I can think of nothing but that “the heavy hours are almost past” which have so long parted us. I need not tell you that our escort is Thomas Coolidge come to carry his wife home. he promises that this letter shall reach you early to-morrow.

Good night my beloved mother & family.
RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); year conjectured based on internal evidence; addressed: “To, Mrs M. Randolph to the care of Nicholas P. Trist. Washington”; stamped.