Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Joseph intended to have written to you himself, my dear brother, but as he is too unwell he commissions me to do it in his place, and to give you both our thanks for the use of your carriage and the comfort it procured us. Titus drove, as he always does, admirably, & the horses performed the journey without any apparent inconvenience to themselves. we reached Wilmington the day we left you between three & four, & Mrs Tinsley’s just at dark. we set off at 5 A. M. the following morning and got to Goochland C. H. at half past eight. having stopped stayed about two hours, which gave time for the horses to rest & have a good feed, Titus said the day was so cool that he could venture to drive them to Richmond without stopping except to breathe & water them, and we accordingly got in by six o’clock. he would have turned his face homewards to day but for the close & heavy rain; but he proposes to be off by light in the morning, taking Col. Peyton as a return cargo. we had the mortification to find ourselves a day too late for the Norfolk boat, and must remain here until Sunday, but even had we found means of conveyance we could not have continued our journey too long as Joseph is quite too unwell to travel, having past a very bad night last night & being confined to his room to day. he is better this evening but still far from well. we removed from the Eagle to Mrs Richardson’s finding the Tavern too noisy & public to remain three or four days in comfort. I am writing by candle-light & of course in torture from my weak eyes. much love for all at Tufton, tell Margaret that Judy Marx is to marry Myer Myers in a few days, & that Caroline is gone to Europe with Dr & Mrs Cabell (Juliana Mayo.) I hope dear Jane & the little invalids are all doing well together; my best regards await Mrs Nicholas. adieu my dear brother; we are indeed obliged to you for your kindness to us & unite in the expression of our warm affection.

Ellen W. Coolidge.
RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); addressed: “To Jefferson Randolph Esq Tufton”; endorsed by Randolph: “Coolidge E. W. Rich sept 7. 1826.”
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