Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist, with Postscript by Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge

dear Nicholas

We are arrived, and meet only with disappointment: after leaving you, yesterday, we suffered very much from the heat, and did not reach Mrs Tingley’s before 7½ o’Clock. having rode the last mile or two in the rain. we were off again this morning at 5—and breakfasted at Goochland Ct House. it was late when we left there, 10½ A.M., the horses had been well fed, and the day was cool, and we decided to make no halt for dinner, except to breathe and water “the cattle”; this accounts for the good season in wh. we found ourselves here, but to our sorrow we learn that Schmidt was right and everybody else wrong—the boats only leave twice a week Sundays and Wednesday’s, and we must wait therefore for a norfolk boat three days—moreover the Miss Woodwards are both out of town, of course no orders have been given for a bonnet, and none can be given about the gown: Col Peyton has sent your box wh. is now in the House, and in this moment the Charlottesville Coach drives up, so that we shall learn the fate of our baggage in a moment. Baby has fretted incessantly to-day—worried us all very much, and has had a narrow escape besides. at Wilmington we enquired if the Hg Cough was there, and were told no—! but Sarah repeated the question after entering the room and was then answered that the little child near her had it. She went out immediatly but in a moment more we heard the little thing coughing, and convulsed,

What our plans will be, as yet I know not; but shall write by Titus, who has behavd perfectly well, and driven us with great care.

give our love to all & believe me Yrs.—
J. C Jr

letters by the post following our departure you will please send to New York, afterwards to Boston.


Burwell’s son William was the first person who [. . .] us on our arrival at the Eagle, & I sent him immediately to the Miss Woodwards. They are out of town ten miles on the Fredericksbg road. of course I felt greatly disappointed for the girls; if the horses do not require a day’s rest, Titus will I presume return to morrow, and as I am in no trim for shopping, this evening I shall not be able to send my dear Virginia’s gown. I will write another line by the carriage. Baby is in good humor & spirit[s] now that she is relieved from her confinement.

much much love for all my dear ones including you my brother.
RC (DLC: NPT); torn at seal; addressed: “To Nicholas P. Trist Monticello Charlottesville; Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Richmond, 6 Sept.; endorsed by Trist: “Coolidge (J.) Sepr 6. 26 recd Sepr 11.”