Thomas Mann Randolph (1741–93) to Thomas Mann Randolph

My dear Tom.

It was not my intention, when I wrote to you last, to offend you, disgust you, or even to give you any uneasiness even, for a moment but I find, from a paragraph in your letter: which I shall not quote to you; and to your leaving Tuckahoe in a hurry, and in bad Weather and going still Farther from me, that you were displeased, and you were disgusted, not only with the World, but I Fear, with your Father, If it is your wish to live at Tuckahoe—you have my Free Consent to do so. I will Furnish the house with Spirits, Sugar & Coffee,1 and there is always enough to eat, on, and about the plantation,

I am your Aff. Father
Tho. M. Randolph
RC (ViU: ER); dateline at foot of text; endorsed: “Th: M. Randolph Dec. 1. 1789.”
1At a later date, recipient placed an “x” above preceding three words and wrote the following note at foot of text: “more than I had before [. . .] asked my stay being for the amusement of shooting: discover’d afterwards that Randal the Butcher had used the pretext of my being up to purloin many things which he sd I used, I only went to Rock castle to enjoy shooting the remainder of the year till Xmas.”