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Extract from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 3 Feb. 1793 [Quote]

Fryday night I Spent with the Philosophical society. The Meeting was thin: but I was not able to perceive any great superiority to our Academy, except in the President. There are able Men however, and I was agreably entertained. Mr Jefferson was polite enough to accompany me: so you see We are...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Donald, 30 May 1795 [Quote]

I, like other people, am so much the dupe of the fondness for the natale solum as to believe seriously there is no quarter of the globe so desireable as America, no state in america so desireable as Virginia, no county in Virginia equal to Albemarle & no spot in Albemarle to compare to...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Daniel Trump, 21 Feb. 1801 [Quote]

he was a valuable young man, and his loss has given great concern to me ... the object of the present is to see if you can procure one to supply his place. good humor & sobriety are the two indispensable qualities. skill in his business is now become more important, as I shall be little at...