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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, 22 Sept. 1809 [Quote]

I am become sensible of a great advantage your profession has over most others, that, to the close of your life, you can be always doing good to mankind: whereas a retired politician is like a broken down courser, unfit for the turf, and good for little else. I am endeavoring to recover the...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Madame de Tessé, 27 Mar. 1811 [Quote]

Since I had last the pleasure of writing to you, I have to acknolege the reciept of your favors of 1809. June 12. & Oct. 9. & 1810. March 24. with the first came the seeds of the Paullinia or Koelreuteria, one of which has germinated, and is now growing. I cherish it with particular...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to David Williams, 14 Nov. 1803 [Quote]

the class principally defective is that of agriculture. it is the first in utility, & ought to be the first in respect. the same artificial means which have been used to produce a competition to learning, may be equally successful in restoring agriculture to it’s primary dignity in the eyes...