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Extract from John Adams to Arthur Lee, 31 Jan. 1785 [Quote]

My new Partner, is an old Friend and Co-adjutor, whose Character I Studied, nine or ten Years ago, and which I do not perceive to be altered. The Same industry, Integrity, and Talents remain without diminution. I am very happy in him but whether We Shall be able to accomplish any Thing here, I...

Extract from the Diary of John Quincy Adams, 4 May 1785 [Quote]

Mr Jefferson, spoke concerning Virginia, a State, which he knows very particularly as it is his native Country. The blacks, he tells me, are very well treated there; and increase in population, more in proportion, than the whites. before the War, he says the negroes, were to the whites, in the...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 7 Nov. 1785 [Quote]

Chocolate. this article when ready made, and also the Cacao becomes so easily soon rancid, and the difficulties of getting it fresh have been so great in America that it’s use has spread but little. the way to increase it’s consumption would be to permit it to be brought to us immediately from...

Extract from John Adams to Henry Knox, 15 Dec. 1785 [Quote]

You can Scarcely have heard a Character too high of my Friend and Colleague Mr. Jefferson, either in point of Power or Virtues. My Fellow Labourer in Congress, eight or nine years ago, upon many arduous Tryals, particularly in the draught of our Declaration of Independence and in the formation of...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Madame de Tessé, 20 Mar. 1787 [Quote]

would you believe Madam, that in [this 18th. centur]y, in France, und[er the reign of Louis XVI, they] are [at this mo]ment pulling down the circular wall of this superb remain [to pave a ro]ad? and that too from a hill which is itself an entire mass of stone just as fit, & more accessible. a...