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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Maria Jefferson Eppes, 26 Oct. 1801 [Quote]

it would be a great satisfaction to me ... to have the enjoiment of family society for a few days undisturbed. nothing can repay me the loss of that society, the only one founded in affection and bosom confidence ... it is in the love of one’s family only that heartfelt happiness is known. I feel...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John B. Colvin, 20 Sept. 1810 [Quote]

The question you propose, Whether circumstances do not sometimes occur which make it a duty in officers of high trust to assume authorities beyond the law, is easy of solution in principle, but sometimes embarrasing in practice. a strict observance of the written laws is doubtless one of the high...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Henry Middleton, 8 Jan. 1813 [Quote]

indeed it seems to me that in proportion as Commercial avarice & corruption advance on us from the North and East, the principles of free government are to retire to the agricultural states of the South & West, as their last asylum & bulwark. with honesty & self-government for...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Brown, 28 Apr. 1814 [Quote]

one of the misfortunes of living too long is the loss of all one’s early friends and affections. when I review the ground over which I have passed since my youth, I see it strewed like a field of battle with the bodies of deceased friends. I stand like a solitary tree in a field, it’s trunk...