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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Milligan, 13 Apr. 1819 [Quote]

the nation, and especially the wealthier portion of it which is in possession of our legislature the function of legislation, is unfortunately in willing bondage to the snares & seductions of this the painted harlot of banking bubbles and there can be no remedy but by setting their minds to...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Richard Rush, 22 June 1819 [Quote]

the eyes of our citizens are not yet sufficiently open to the true cause of our distresses. they ascribe them to every thing but their true cause, the banking system; a system, which, if it could do good in any form, is yet so certain of leading to abuse, as to be utterly incompatible with the...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Mantz, 1 Feb. 1821 [Quote]

Th: Jefferson recieved yesterday Mr Mantz’s present of very handsomely dressed leather, for which he begs leave to return him his thanks, and to express the pleasure he recieves from new discoveries and advances in the ar useful arts. those who by che new processes cheapen the comforts of life...