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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, 17 June 1785 [Quote]

I sincerely wish you may find it convenient to come here. the pleasure of the trip will be less than you expect, but the utility greater. it will make you adore your own country, it’s soil, it’s climate, it’s equality, liberty, laws, people & manners. my god! how little do my countrymen know...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, 25 Sept. 1785 [Quote]

I fancy it must be the quantity of animal food eaten by the English which renders their character insusceptible of civilisation. I suspect it is in their kitchens & not in their churches that their reformation must be worked, & that Missionaries of that description from hence would avail...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Volney, 9 Dec. 1795 [Quote]

our citizens are divided into two political sects. one which fears the people most, the other the government. you will readily judge in which of these the people themselves are. for my part I have no fear of a people, well-informed, easy in their circumstances, dispersed over their farms, &...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Volney, 9 Apr. 1797 [Quote]

I hope I shall see you in Georgetown, and certainly shall if the movements of the stage will permit it: for I prefer that conveyance to travelling with my own horses, because it gives me, what I have long been without, an opportunity of plunging into the mixed characters of my country, the most...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Moses Robinson, 23 Mar. 1801 [Quote]

I sincerely wish with you we could see our government so secured as to depend less on the character of the person in whose hands it is trusted. bad men will sometimes get in, & with such an immense patronage, may make great progress in corrupting the public mind & principles. this is a...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Congress, 16 Jan. 1804 [Quote]

favorable to the immediate interests of our Western citizens, so auspicious to the peace & security of the nation in general, which adds to our country territories so extensive & fertile, & to our citizens new brethren to partake of the blessings of freedom & self-government

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William Hamilton, July 1806 [Quote]

[England’s] sun-less climate has permitted them to adopt what is certainly a beauty of the very first order in landscape. their canvas is of open ground, variegated with tufts clumps of trees tastily distributed with taste. they need no more of wood than will serve to embrace a lawn or a glade....