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Extract from Thomas Jefferson’s Memorandum Books [Quote]

agreed with mr Moore that he shall level 250 f. square on the top of the mountain at the N E end by Christmas, for which I am to give 180 bushels of wheat, and 24 bushels of corn, ... if there should be any solid rock to dig we will leave to indifferent men to settle that part between us

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 20 Sept. 1785 [Quote]

I received this summer a letter from Messrs Buchanan & Hay as directors of the public buildings desiring I would have drawn for them plans of sundry buildings, & in the first place of a Capitol ... we took for our model what is called the Maison-quarrèe of Nismes, one of the most...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 8 Feb. 1786 [Quote]

à propos of the Capitol. do my dear friend exert yourself to get the plan begun or set aside, & that adopted which was drawn here. it was taken from a model which has been the admiration of 16. centuries, which has been the object of as many pilgrimages as the tomb of Mahomet: which will give...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Page, 4 May 1786 [Quote]

the city of London, tho’ handsomer than Paris, is not so handsome as Philadelphia. their architecture is in the most wretched stile I ever saw, not meaning to except America where it is bad, nor even Virginia where it is worse than in any other part of America, which I have seen.

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Brown, 5 Apr. 1797 [Quote]

in Paris particularly all the new & good houses are of a single story. that is of the height of 16. or 18. f. generally, & the whole of it given to the rooms of entertainment; but in the parts where there are bedrooms they have two tier of them of from 8. to 10. f. high each, with a...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Oldham, 19 Jan. 1805 [Quote]

I recieved yesterday your letter of the 11th and observe you are fitting up a Corinthian room for mr. Gallego. I am glad to learn it, because a single example of chaste architecture may guide the taste of the city and especially when they find that that system of architecture which has now been...