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Extract from John Adams to Arthur Lee, 31 Jan. 1785 [Quote]

My new Partner, is an old Friend and Co-adjutor, whose Character I Studied, nine or ten Years ago, and which I do not perceive to be altered. The Same industry, Integrity, and Talents remain without diminution. I am very happy in him but whether We Shall be able to accomplish any Thing here, I...

Extract from John Adams to Henry Knox, 15 Dec. 1785 [Quote]

You can Scarcely have heard a Character too high of my Friend and Colleague Mr. Jefferson, either in point of Power or Virtues. My Fellow Labourer in Congress, eight or nine years ago, upon many arduous Tryals, particularly in the draught of our Declaration of Independence and in the formation of...

Extract from Lafayette to George Washington, 1 Jan. 1788 [Quote]

I am More and More pleased with Mr jefferson. His abilities, His Virtues, His temper, Every thing of Him Commands Respect and Attracts Attention. He Enjoys Universal Regard, and does the Affairs of America to perfection it is the Happiest choice that Could Be Made.

Extract from the Journal of William Maclay, 24 May 1790 [Quote]

Jefferson is a slender man; has rather the air of stiffness in his manner; his clothes seem too small for him; he sits in a lounging manner, on one hip commonly, and with one of his shoulders elevated much above the other; his face has a sunny aspect; his whole figure has a loose, shackling air....

Extract from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 3 Feb. 1793 [Quote]

Fryday night I Spent with the Philosophical society. The Meeting was thin: but I was not able to perceive any great superiority to our Academy, except in the President. There are able Men however, and I was agreably entertained. Mr Jefferson was polite enough to accompany me: so you see We are...