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Extract from Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge’s London Travel Diary, 1 May 1839

Off the Banks of Newfoundland. Three weeks at sea. Dismal weeks of incessant sickness & suffering. Let no one talk of sea-sickness who has not felt it in it’s horrors—it’s weakness, it’s helplessness, it’s utter prostration of all power bodily and mental. O long days & weeks of giddiness ...

Virginia J. Randolph Trist to Nicholas P. Trist, 26 May 1839

Faithful to my promise, dearest —, I shall spend an hour every Sunday in writing all my childish recollections of my dear grandfather, which are sufficiently distinct to relate to you. My memory seems crowded with them, and they have the vividness of realities; but all are trifles in themselves,...

Nicholas P. Trist to Andrew Jackson, 15 June 1840

I hope soon to have a breathing spell, in which to write to you—My victory will be such as never was seen before: no, not even at New Orleans.—Great as the confidence of my friends in my character may be, they even cannot form the remotest conception of the strength of my position. How it defies...