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Cornelia J. Randolph to Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge, 30 May 1830

As I have prevented Virginia from writing, Dear Sister, I must write to you myself in spite of the drowsy & stupid feelings which oppress me mama will I believe write very soon to Mrs Coolidge; she has been staying with Mrs H. Smith in the country & was there when Mrs C.s letter arrived;...

Martha Jefferson Randolph to Elizabeth Bulfinch Coolidge, 1 June 1830

I received your letter on my return from the country where I had been to spend a few days, and should have answered it immediately, but for a severe indisposition, the effect of cold, which confined me many days to my bed, and from which even now I am but imperfectly recovered. This must excuse...

Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Martha Jefferson Randolph, 6 June 1830

I have been intending all the afternoon to write to you, dearest mother, but it is now past six and I am just beginning my letter; the children have been so much on my hands that I have found it impossible to get rid of them long enough to carry my intention into effect, so if I do not fill my...

Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Virginia J. Randolph Trist, 15 Oct. 1830

It is so long since I have written to any of you, dearest Virginia, that I am in debt to you all, and considering you as the eldest of the family, (married women being always older than single,) I shall begin address my first letter to you. Mama is absent on a visit to her friend Mrs Barrell at...

Martha Jefferson Randolph to Joseph Coolidge, 15 Dec. 1830

I have written the letter of introduction for Mr Sparks & enclosed it to him in N. York as you desired, and as I had some sins of negligence unatoned towards the good lady, I wrote her another long explanatory & conciliatory letter to procure ...