Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist

Bacons Advancement of Learning 1825

Hall’s Latin Roots 1825

Gymnastic Exercises

Bentham on Codefication 1817

do on Morals & Legislation 2V 1823

do on Government 1823

do on Book of Fallacies 1824

do Theorie Tir des Pienes et/des recompenses.— 2V 1818

dear N.

Above you have list of books just received by Hilliard & Co from England: knowing that you would be anxious to get them, as soon as possible, I had them packed, and put them aboard a vessel to sail on the same day to Richmond, to the care of B. Peyton.—had there been another oppty to forward them, should have kept “Bacon” for a few days, as I was anxious to see it; but mean to import it, and have several books in hand, now, so that it is no matter.—

I have been looking for some days, for (I should rather say ever since the sale,) for the List on T.B.&Co, for articles bought at the sale; presume it will be here before long:—I have written to Peyton, about yr. books, and asked him to forward them to you; so you will have no trouble on that head.—I believe that I mentioned in yr. my last that the clock was at length done: old Willard is almost out of his wits about it: he has made it intirely with his own hands, from the first hammering of the brass to the polishing of the wheels! and now affirms that it is the best clock ever made in the United States! if properly managed its rate of going will hardly be greater than a one minute in any given time—that is—its greatest variation will not exceed one minute deviation from its rate. It will be shipped to Richmond, and he will be there to receive it, and see it forwarded: when at Charlottesville, he will want to remain about one fortnight in order to have it put up, and regulate its movement. as he is old, and temperate, and quiet, he would be more comfortable in some private family, or boarding house, than at a tavern, and I must ask you to find out Some such place for him. he will also take a with him, several of his clocks, (small ones), to sell. if he does not succeed, perhaps he would leave them with Leschot, on consignment;—if so, you will help him in his arrangements as far as you can. this old man has been a hard worker for sixty years, and now in his age is quite poor. to assist him in his sales, it might be well to insert a notice in the Central that J. Willard, who made the Clock for the university, has several of his patent timekeepers for sale, at Leschot’s—, or something to that effect. of course, dear N. you will be so good as to accompany him to Monticello, and to the monument, and render him all the little services wh. are due to a most devoted, and ancient, and consistent friend & admirer of Mr Jefferson!Our long winter has passed and we are getting more cheerful under the influence of Spring. Mother’s letters will tell you how we are here, and how she is herself. Geo. & Tim are constant at school, and improve in mind, if not in manners. Schools are not good places for the last—and girls and boys soon grow wild and lawless in a promiscuous crowd. Ellen is pretty well—we have had thoughts of taking a country house for the summer, and perhaps may do so yet—the air and quiet would be of service to Baby, and the daily ride to myself—not that we are not both well, however.—my Brother is about going into business—and I am very glad of it—he has endured the misery of idleness in an active community, long enough.—I hope soon to hear from you on the subject of my last letter—tell me in yr. next, if you cannot come on and bring Cornelia with you when Mother returns. I want to marry her here to some good fellow—.

My letter is so hurried and worthless that I choose to pay its postage—

Yrs. truly,—
J: C jr.

let us hear soon from you, with accts of how goes on the Law, and what prospects of business for a modest man like yrself.

RC (DLC: NPT); list at head of text in an unknown hand; addressed: “To Nicholas P. Trist: Charlottesville; Albemarle County; Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Boston, 20 Mar.; endorsed by Trist: “Coolidge (Joseph) recd March. 28th 27”; note on address cover by Trist: “remember the busts my pocket.”