Benjamin F. Randolph to Virginia J. Randolph Trist

Dear Sister

I received your letter by Boling Garrett which greatly cheered the me the melancholy feeling which I would have unavoidably at leaveng you all I am very much pleased with Mr Lewis although we do not fare as well as we aught to do I find no fault with the table but we have to cut our wood make our fires clean our shoes brush our cloths cloaths and do a great many little things of that sort which are not very agreeable to those who have not been accutomed accustomed to it we sleep in the school houseloft which is neither larthed nor plastered and is very cold so that I have had the rhumatism in the back of my neck. but four of us stay in Mr L office during the day which is a very good place to study free from the noise of the school my 3 classmates and myself have been very studious so far, and will continue to do so I hope, we rise with the sun and by 11 oclock we read 8 pages of Telemachus the rest of the day my 2 companions spend in reading law and I in cyphring as we have not commenced Spanish yet B Garrett and my self persue the same studies he is one of my class mates the other two are two Mr Streets of Hanover I like my situation very well as I find that I can study very wll well and my companios companions are disposed to do the same I have writen to mama since my arrival here I am very sorry that my towels were forgotten for we have to find our own and as I have none I am obliged to use those of the other boys which I do not like to do tell Sister Jane that she must excuse my fooish foolish badly writen note made worse by hurry you must also make alowances for this letter

Your most affectionate brother
B F Randolph
RC (NcU: NPT); partially dated; addressed: “To Mrs Virginia J Trist Tufton near Charlottsville Albemarle va”; stamped.
Benjamin F. Randolph
Date Range
September 10, 1825