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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Maria Cosway, 12 Oct. 1786 [Quote]

and our own dear Monticello, where has Nature spread so rich a mantle under the eye? mountains, forests, rocks, rivers. with what majesty do we there ride above the storms! how sublime to look down into the workhouse of nature, to see her clouds, hail, snow, rain, thunder, all fabricated at our...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Maria Cosway, 12 Oct. 1786 [Quote]

the art of life is the art of avoiding pain: & he is the best pilot who steers clearest of the rocks & shoals with which it is beset. pleasure is always before us; but misfortune is at our side: while running after that, this arrests us. the most effectual means of being secure against...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to George R. Gilmer, 12 Aug. 1787 [Quote]

I am as happy no where else & in no other society, & all my wishes end, where I hope my days will end, at Monticello. too many scenes of happiness mingle themselves with all the recollections of my native woods & feilds, to suffer them to be supplanted in my affection by any other.

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Rev. James Madison, 19 July 1788 [Quote]

I have often seen a leg of the bow below my level. my situation at Monticello admitted this, because there is a mountain there in the opposite direction of the afternoon’s sun, the valley between which & Monticello is 500 feet deep. I have seen a leg of a rainbow plunge down on the river...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Donald, 30 May 1795 [Quote]

I, like other people, am so much the dupe of the fondness for the natale solum as to believe seriously there is no quarter of the globe so desireable as America, no state in america so desireable as Virginia, no county in Virginia equal to Albemarle & no spot in Albemarle to compare to...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Jonathan Williams, 3 July 1796 [Quote]

I examined with great satisfaction your barometrical estimate of the heights of our mountains, and with the more as they corroborated conjectures on this subject which I had made before. my estimates had made them a little higher than yours (I speak of the blue ridge.) measuring with a very nice...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William Hamilton, July 1806 [Quote]

the grounds which I destine to improve in the style of the English gardens…compose the Northern quadrant of a mountain for about 2/3 of it’s height, & then spread for the upper third over it’s whole crown. they contain about 300. acres, washed at the foot, for about a mile, by a river of the...