Extract from Margaret Bayard Smith’s Recollection of a Visit to Monticello

“Here,” said he, casting his eyes on the level plain before us, “Here you can form no adequate idea of the beauty or sublimity of a winter’s storm; but standing, as I have often stood at Monticello, to watch its progress—rising over the distant Alleghany, come sweeping and roaring on, mountain after mountain, till you feel its fall and shudder at its blast; and then to turn to the fire-side, and amidst its comforts to listen to the howling wind ...”

Published as “Recollections of a Visit to Monticello,” Richmond Enquirer, 18 Jan. 1823. Publishd in PTJRS, 1:386–401.
Margaret Bayard Smith
Date Range
July 29, 1809 to August 2, 1809
Quotes by and about Thomas Jefferson
Richmond Enquirer, 18 Jan. 1823
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