Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Dinsmore

This is merely to correct an error in my last. I mentioned that the brick pilasters should have their Capitels 3. courses of brick high & with 3. projections. but as the Capitel should be in height only half the diameter, & that is of a brick and a half, say 13.I. the height of the capitel must be of 2. courses only, each course projecting 1 ¼ I. so as to make the upper one 2. bricks square.

As I suppose mr Lilly is digging the North West offices, & Ice house I will now give further directions respecting them. the eves of those offices is to be of course exactly on the level of those on the South East side of the hill. but as the North West building is chiefly for coach houses, the floor must be sunk 9. feet deep below the bottom of the plate to let a coach go under it. then the ice house is to be dug 16. feet deeper than that.

RC (DLC). Published in PTJ, 37:86.
Thomas Jefferson
James Dinsmore
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March 19, 1802
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