Joseph Coolidge to Martha Jefferson Randolph

My dear Mother.

Ellen wrote from Washington; & Yesterday we took leave of our friends in that city; and, in a very comfortable private carriage, came to Baltimore: The baggage arrived safely, and we owe you many thanks for the care with wh. you addressed the trunks, to at Fredericksburg, and secured them from danger on the road.I We wrote to Mrs Smith last evening—and she called upon E. very early this morng; and both have been engaged in shopping—and in examining the different articles made for her, here: she desires me to say that they are all very beautiful—& that she is perfectly satisfied1: this whole morng has been passed in the manner mentioned; so that she has not seen other friends who have called upon her: and Mrs Smith has taken her to Monte Bello, where we are to pass the night; tomorrow, we leave for Philadelphia; and I only remain behind, now, to write these few lines to relieve any anxiety you might feel on her acct. She desires me to give her best best2 love to you, and to say to you that she is well [. . .] and I can truly confirm the fact, and may even add that she is better, much I think, than when she left you: we have had exceedingly pleasant weather—have been exposed to no fatigue, c and have none to fear, so excellent are the arrangements for travellers, by night and by day:You will hear from us in Philadelphia —: and, (as I am to be at Monte Bello in time for dinner, having waited but to write for this evening’s post,) I close with the repeated assurance of our

welfare and attachment. Yrs—
J: C Jr.
RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); partially dated; conjectural portion of date based on Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist, 30 June 1825, in which he wrote “Yesterday we passed a pleasant day, and evening, at Mr John S. Smith’s—a friend of Jefferson’s—, who has a beautiful villa called Monte Bello about 3 miles from town.” June 29 was a Wednesday.
1Manuscript: “satified.”
2Thus in manuscript.