Bernard Peyton to Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Dr Jefferson,

My last will have put to rest your fears about the Wm & Mary interest, the note you sent me was filled up with $720 Dolls:, & discounted at the farmers Bank, $700 Dolls: of which I instantly placed at the credit of Mr. Christian, on that a/c, & advised him of it, both privately & by mail, the balance some seven or nine dollars, I will pay him on sight, when I know what it is exactly—this note will be due on the 1st: of Sept., & I have pledgd myself, that a renewal of it will not be asked—

The $1,400 Dollar note was renewd again, at the Va Bk:, which I determined to try, first, & if I failed, then to put it in the Farmers Bk:, where nothing is certain, & I am always afraid to rely on them, & do not, if I can avoid it—

I yesterday paid a dft, of yours, to P. Minor, for $200 Dolls:—& one of your grand Father’s, for $175 Dolls:, which makes his balance $1,650 Dolls:—he says in a letter to me, that part of the Tobacco sold1 is for his benefit, & will lessen this balance:—I have credited the whole to you, & more than exhausted it in payments, on your a/c, already:—however, you understand all this better than either of us—

Don’t let your Father forget his $1600 Dollar note, at Virginia Bank, again, & the interest, the last I was obliged to pay, to save it from protest, & he tells me that, as well as what he before was due me, for money issued, say $200 Dolls, will be liquidated thro’ you, & requested me to mention it to you:—it the note is due the 24/27th Instant:—

We have not dull times, wheat 100¢ deliverable in July & August—new Flour $6 @ 6½ at retail, none for exportation, old none—

Your sincere friend
Bernd Peyton

and the first money to be paid—B. was loaned in Octr 1822, to be returned out of the then crop of Flour—

RC (ViU: Thomas Jefferson and Randolph Family Papers, Mss 9828); addressed: “Thomas J. Randolph Esqr Tufton near Milton”; stamped; postmarked Richmond, 8 July; endorsed by Randolph: “Peyton Bernard. July 8. 1824.”
1Manuscript: “sold sold.”