Bernard Peyton to Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Dear Jefferson,

I have paid your half years interest to the Literary fund, say $225, and have requested Mr. Christian to make a statement of the interest due to the college, & call when he pleases, & the money shall be paid, I think I understood him to say he had some $9,000 of principal for you, tho’ am not certain I undertood him correctly, as we were hurried at the moment—he feels no dissatisfaction about the delay, that I could discover—

Flour is going down to nothing here, rates at $5⅛, 60 Days, & $5 Cash, is as much as can be had for it, & at that price, there are few or no purchasers—at the former price, I have just succeeded in disposing of yours, & your Grand Fathers, on hand, to a good House—wheat 95¢—

Your assured friend
Bernard Peyton
RC (ViU: Thomas Jefferson and Randolph Family Papers, Mss 9828); dateline beneath signature; addressed: “Thomas J. Randolph Esq Tufton near Milton”; stamped; postmarked Richmond, 1 Jan.; endorsed by Randolph: “Peyton Bernard 1 Jan 1824.”
Bernard Peyton
Date Range
January 1, 1824