John C. Page to Martha B. Eppes

It will be necessary for you, my dear Madam, to give your overseers orders, to collect all the stock, Farming utensils, &c &c previous to Thursday—the Negroes, stock &c at Smiths, had better remain there—the appraisers can come down, more conveniently, than they can be carried to the house: the Negroes (except those about the house,) should have orders to assemble at the overseers house at 12 Oclk —this will be the best place for the stock & farming utensils to be collected.

Sinceerly my dear Madam yr friend
John C. Page
RC (NcU: Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations, Hubard Family Papers); dateline at foot of text; addressed: “Mrs. Martha B. Eppes Mill Brook”; endorsed by Eppes: “J C Page Sept 30 1823.”
John C. Page
Martha B. Eppes
Date Range
September 30, 1823