Azariah C. Dunn to Nicholas P. Trist

Dr sir

Mr Hugh Dunham informs me that he is indebted to you $100 for the rent of your Plantation, and requested me to make Some arangment with you for the payment, his crop of Cotton has fell far Short of his expectation both in Quantity & Quality, and he will not be able to pay the demand against him untill some time next Spring, I hold some Drafts on Judge Tessier, our Parish Treasurer, which will be paid in the month of may next, which is much sooner than you could collect it from Mr Dunham by suit, if this arangment will suit you, you can autherise Judge Tessier to receive the Drafts as the money is coming from him, and must be paid at that time

Respectfully yr Ob Sert.
A. C. Dunn
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Mr Nicholas Ph. TristDonaldsonville La”; stamped; postmarked Baton Rouge, 13 Jan.; endorsed by Trist: “A. C. Dunn Baton rouge.–Jan. 13. 1823.”