Virginia J. Randolph (Trist) and Martha Jefferson Randolph to Nicholas P. Trist

Your letter reached me last night My Dearest Nicholas, and the tears which I have shed from sympathy in your misfortune, have made my eyes so sore that I can scarcely see to write; I do not offer you consolation, for it will, I know, admit of none but what time brings, and as I hope you have recover’d some degree of composure e’re this, I will not renew your grief by dwelling too long upon it’s subject. make what promise you please in my name, well assured that my will is good to perform it, for what stronger proof can I give of my affection for you, than by cherishing every member of your family.

We got home yesterday morning, all very much exhausted by the most fatiguing journey I ever made, and my dear Grand-father suffering also from a violent cold taken in Bedford, but as his sore throat has left him, and his hoarseness diminished a good deal I trust he will soon be well. remember me very affectionately to Browse, give your dear little sister a kiss, and take every possible precaution against that dangerous climate, from which you have been too long absent, to inhabit now with safety. do this for the sake of one whose heart becomes more devotedly your own every day that She lives.—

I shall not intrude upon Your sorrows My Dearest Nicholas any professions of condolance. the loss you have met with is irreparable and I am sure you can no more doubt the deep sympathy we take in your affliction than I can express it. remember that Virginia’s family is your own and that every bosom in it bears a heart of love for the helpless beings for whom you have pledged her affections—to poor Mrs Brown and Dear Browse I can say nothing though god knows Your family have not been absent from my mind one moment since the receipt of your letter. adieu Dear Nicholas God bless and support you all prays your sincerely attached friend

RC (DLC: NPT); first two paragraphs in Virginia J. Ranolph Trist’s hand; addressed: “Nicholas P. Trist Donaldsonville La fourche Louisiana”; stamped and postmarked; endorsed by Trist: “Randolph. (V. J) May 31. 22.”