Mary Trist Jones Tournillon to Nicholas P. Trist

My Dearest Nicholas

Your Father answered your letters of the 18th the day after we received them, I was ill at the time, but the knowledge of your success in the object dearest to you soon restored me—Tis now, my Child that your Father and I feel sensibly the want of that fortune which would enable you immediately to complete the plan of happiness you have so long traced for yourself—however I am thankful you are no longer in a state of suspense, your heart is at ease and you have a powerful motive for exertion, how completely I approve your Choice you already know, without any personal acquaintance with my Daughter (for as such I consider her) I am sure she is endowed with those virtues which will secure your happiness, and I flatter myself my Son will never be unmindful of hers.

We long to embrace you my Nicholas and devise something to promote your Welfare we are also very desirous that Browse may accompany you, in the latter end of September your Father will send you each a hundred and fifty dollars; be particular in choosing a good vessel and a captain whose reputation is established.—The heat continues very oppressive and the country is Generally so sickly that we consider ourselves fortunate in not having any person ill on the plantation, I hope your Brother received two hundred dollars that Mr Nott sent to Philadelphia in July; The Bears Oil shall be sent by the first opportunity fare well dear Child, Give a tender embrace to your Grandmother and all other kind fri[ends?] who will permit you and to the rest give my affectionate remembrance.

Your attached Mother
M. Tournillon
RC (NcU: NPT); torn at seal; addressed: “To West Point Nicholas P. Trist Charlottesville Albemarle Virginia”; endorsed by Trist: “My Mother Augt 28. 21. The last!” and again, at a later date: “Tournillon, Mary, August 28. ’21 the last”; stamped; postmarked Donaldsonville, 30 Aug.; with notation in Trist’s hand: “shall I say anything for you?” and a response in the hand of Virginia J. Randolph Trist: “give my love if you please.”
Mary Trist Jones Tournillon
Date Range
August 28, 1821