Thomas Mann Randolph to Nicholas P. Trist

Dear Sir,

I am sorry to be unable to execute your commission to buy Coke & Jacobs in this place. you will find the money inclosed, viz two XX $. Bills of the U.S. Bank. allso your Memorandum with a note of Mr Gilmer at the foot of it. I had been to Fitzwhylsons, Cottons, and Johnson and Warners before I made the application to him, & could not get either of the Books. We did not stop one minute, and yet required a Lantern to get out at Mrs Tinsleys. The next day was the most painfull I have passed for a long time. We were from 5. A.M. untill 2. P.M. going 25 miles, and 10 miles in the evening took 4 hours. We breakfasted at 2 and dind at 8. P.M. I do not remember ever to have felt worse in my life. Wet all day, and eating no meat at all, which on such an occasion is a strong auxiliary. My unpacked cloathes, even, were wet. I have escaped cold and sickness however, which I thought fatigue and tedium added to the long continued wetness of every thing upon me would render inevitable.

We both treated your Grandmothers advice to you, to go back and take a formal leave at West Point, less seriously than we should have done, because we did not suppose she was serious at the time. It may be worthy of your consideration however. If expected of you there, by Professors, or Cadets, perhaps it should not be omitted.

most cordially & sincerely yours
Th: M. Randolph.
RC (DLC: NPT); addressed: “Nicholas P. Trist Esqr”; endorsed by Trist: “Randolph (Thos. Mann) July 27. 21.”