Albemarle County Court Order on Thomas Jefferson Randolph’s Proposal to Build a Ferry at Secretary’s Ford

On the motion of Thomas J Randolph it is ordered that the Sheriff of This County summons and impannel twelve disenterested free holders to meet on the lands of Thomas J Randolph and Thomas Jefferson at the ford commonly called the secerataries ford on the 10th day of April next over which the said Thomas J Randolph proposes to erect a ferry to view the place proposed for keeping such ferry being first sworn and on their oaths say whether in their opinion publick convenience will result from the establishment of such ferry, and it is further ordered that the Sheriff of this County summon the magistrates of said County to meet here on the first monday in may next to take into consideration the establishment of the same.

MS (Albemarle Co. Order Book [1820–21], 412–3); in a clerk’s hand.
Albemarle County Court
Date Range
March 7, 1821
Albemarle County Order Book 1820–21, p. 412–13