Martha B. Baker to Martha B. Eppes

I should have writen you my dear Sister immediately on my arrival here, but realy disliked burthening your minde with more than it now has to bear, to add my misseries to yours was not my wish—every member of the family myself excepted have been sick with the ague & fever—we came down two early, we have scarsely had any one to wait on us, black as well as white appeared to suffer from the change. we are now, all well, once more—To write you frequently & receive your letters will be most gratifying to me, and assure yourself of this truth that in any way I can serve you I will with pleasure do so—Mrs Burton & your Mother are I hope both with you. remember m[e] affectionately to both, tell Mrs Burton I have wished very often for the wilde maid she gave me when I had so much to do, you have heard no doubt of the birth of Pollys Son, Mr A Thweatt has been here, They were all well, Mr T was in fine spirits, he insisted that I had no business to leave Cannons; and that the money I spent here, would make one of my children quite rich at Cannons, be it so I told him, but I thought my living at Cannons in the summer intitled ed me to being here in the winter—he is as fond of giving advice as ever—my Sisters1 are going up to your house very soone I shall be very glad when Mr Baker is tired of this life; of having 2 houses we are not comfortable at either, & the [. . .] does not compensate for the trouble of going up & down,—I candidly acknowledg to you I am heartily tired of it—altho I cant be all the year [. . .] seperated as Mr T wishes

Old age must plead my excuse for this bad writing I write by candle light, & Mr Page goes up to morrow, kiss all the little ones for me and give my love to Mary & Miss Little J if she is with you for you my dear Sister my prayers, are offered up; to heaven for, your welfare & happiness—& that of your dear family—which occupy no small portion of my thoughts since I left you—Yours most affectionately—

M B [B]
RC (NcU: Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations, Hubard Family Papers); partially dated; some text obscured by seal; addressed: “Mrs Eppes. Mill-Brook” by “Mr Page.”
1Manuscript: “Sisters Sisters.”
Martha B. Baker
Martha B. Eppes
Date Range
October 5, 1820