Thomas Jefferson Randolph’s Promissory Note to Edmund Bacon

$900 On or before the first day of October eighteen hundred and nineteen I promise to pay Edmund Bacon his heirs executors administrator or assigns the sum of—nine—hundred [. . .] dollars with legal interest from the first [. . .] twelfth day of october 1818. to the true payment of which I bind myself my heirs executors and administrators.

Witness my hand & seal this eighth(8th)day of November 1818
Th J Randolph{seal}

Recieved from Thomas J Randolph the sum of five hundre[d] and fourteen dollars in part of the within obligation

E Bacon
Facsimile of MS published in Hamilton W. Pierson, Jefferson at Monticello: The Private Life of Thomas Jefferson (New York: Charles Scribner, 1862), 127.
Edmund Bacon
Date Range
November 8, 1818
Pierson, Jefferson at Monticello