Mary Trist Jones Tournillon to Nicholas P. Trist and Hore Browse Trist

My Dearest Nicholas

On the 17th your father sent two checks of $275 each to you and your brother, since the duplicates arrived we have all been so ill with a cold that is accompanied with a headache the most violant that ever was felt that we have been unable to write and nothing but the possibility of your fathers letters miscarrying could now induce me to take up the pen; your father desires that you will borrow from Browse what money you may want as he cannot make another remittance until December. I cannot express the regret I feel at your quitting that neighbour hood, daily have I congratulated myself on the advantages you possessed there but now I will be painfully anxious about you during your residence at williamsburg or any other City, Oh my dear Child avoid all intercourse with vicious Characters but particularly woman for the corrupt equally the heart and constitution; I have great hopes that the time you have passed with Mrs Randolph and her Daughters has formed your taste for female society and will operate as a charm against many evils. I will write to your Grandmother when I recover from this miserable cough and headache, assure her and the family at Monticello of my tenderest affections and believe all that is possible for you.

M. T.

Your Grandmothers letter which I received yesterday has encreased my anxiety which was already very great for your little brother and sister by her description my dear Browse of your health, two years ago Nicholas’s you must remember was very delicate, as you love your Mother my Child avoid every thing that you believed injured his; perhaps you study too much, and do not take sufficient exercise. if so, you must relinquish for a time some of your pursuits and establish your constitution, for much as I wish for your improvement it must not be purchased with the loss of health. your affectionate Mother

M. T.
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “N. P. Trist esqr Carlottesville Virginia”; in an unknown hand: “ Carlottesville Westpint New York”; stamped; postmarked La Fourche, 27 Sept. and Charlottesville, 27 Oct.; endorsed by Nicholas P. Trist: “My Mother 26th September 1818 La-fourche.”
Marie Trist Jones Tournillon
Date Range
September 26, 1818