Nicholas P. Trist to Martha Jefferson Randolph

Dear Mrs Randolph

Since I heard your conversation with Mead, I have regularly, every night, made a resolution to speak to you on the subject the next day; but when that arrived, I never could summon up courage enough to do so.—You expressed some apprehensions, that I should would consider myself bound in honor to address miss Virginia, even though a change were to take place in my sentiments; dispel your fears, dear Mrs Randolph, as to my future conduct, and be assured that it shall never be such as to make you regret that you ever honored me with motherly attentions.—My opinions on that subject, coincide perfectly with yours; of course, as long as there is a spark of true honor remaining in me, I will never commit an action which I consider to be criminal in the highest degree. If, therefore, I return with the same professions of love and devotion to miss Virginia, which now spring from the very bottom of my soul, you may be certain of their sincerity—adieu Adieu

your ever affectionate and grateful
Nicho P Trist—
RC (NcU: NPT); undated; addressed: “Mrs Randolph.”