Peachy R. Gilmer to Nicholas P. Trist

My Dr Nicholas

Your very kind letter of the 4th of this month reached Liberty during my absence on the circuit. I must Join my admonitions to those of your excellent mother in warning you against a habit of procrastination, either in matters of friendship or business; It would be impossible for me to beleive that you had defered writing from want either of respect or regard for me, because I feel perfectly assured that you entertain for me both these sentiments: in a high degree; It is a pecadillo of youth, which the kind regard I have for you; to which you have the strongest claims, on your own account and by the right of inheritance; easily forgives: I learn with regret that yourself and Browse are uncomfortably situated at Dr C.s: the more as I had as I beleive a considerable share in influencing Browse’s1 mind when he selected that situation: Mrs T. gives us a dismal account of the institution in every respect. the Drs Brother is a genius I never much liked but you will soon be rid of him; It would have given me great pleasure to have visited you in Albemarle but could not: the haste with which I was compelled to travel the shortest route, remaining a very short time in Richmond fatigued me excessively, and with the almost unremitted Labour to which I have been driven, since my return, has almost worn me out; Missing a single Stroke of the oar would send me afloat down the Stream, and I will tug away as long as I have sufficient strength: I have holiday only for to day. if I can so call being obliged to prepare for several causes in this court which will be tried in the course of the term commencing Tomorrow

Browse has not answered a letter I wrote him some time since: has he recd it? I shall avail myself of the first leisure to write to you more fully; In the mean time write let me hear from you. present me most affectionately to my Dr Sister.Browse and your Grand mother

yr frd most truly
P. R Gilmer
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Nicholas P. Trist Esqr Bentivar Charlottesville post office”; stamped; postmarked Liberty, 25 May; endorsed by Trist: “24th May 1818 Liberty P. R Gilmer Esqr.”
1Manuscript: “Browe’s.”